Summer is Here!

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Summer is fast approaching and the beach are already waiting for us. We have a lot of plans for summer. Holy week too is a tradition for us to go on an outing with the family. I really can’t wait! But oh no! I still have to get me and the husband a new swimwear. I found board shorts in different designs at Zalora and I think my husband will love it. I already listed some cool ones that I like. I just need to consult the husband if it is a go or not. But I think it is a go, his old board shorts are too tight for him now. He need a new one for god’s sake!

Newly Cleaned Scrap Space

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Well look at that!

This is new! My scrap area is clean after so long! haha!

I was in the mood to clean it the other day so tadah! I have a tiny little scrap area! And now I am ready to work on my project life.

Playing an Instrument

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I saw a video of my friends son performing on stage. He is just 5 years old and yet he can use the drums like a pro. He is such a talented kid. I wish my kids will learn at least one instrument too. I am frustrated in learning any kind of instrument so it will be joy to me if one or maybe both of my kids will learn one. I like guitar way back on my childhood but due to busy schedule in playing I forgot my eagerness to learn to play the guitar. Oh well will just pass my dream to my kids. And someday I will get the great dulcimer strings for them. Soon my dear, soon!

Inspiration Mag

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I passed by Booksale the other day because I wanted to buy my kids some new books. But alas I found this magazine. I am so happy! It’s been a while since I got myself a new scrapbooking magazine. Inspiration overload! I love this mag because it also has pocket scrapbooking inspiration.

I also have the  Mixed Media Scrapbooking Mag from Creating Keepsakes. And I am one happy scrapper!

Suit For The Husband

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We will be attending a formal wedding soon and the husband needs a nice suit. So here I am surfing the web for some tuxedos. I found a nice one at and I am thinking if I still have time to order one as the wedding is a week from now. I will just bookmark this site and check it again later. Will check out dad’s closet first as I remembered he used one before. Wish me luck!

Valentine’s Dilemma

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Valentine’s Day is this Friday and we haven’t had plans yet. I am thinking of going to a dinner with the family but I want to have dinner with just the two of us as well. But we have no help so we cannot leave the kids. That’s a bummer I know! I think we have to wait until they are old enough to go into the Valentine dinner for just two eh? I am not going to get a Valentine’s gift as well. No budget but I think I will just make something for him which is handmade with love. My kids and I will make it. As much as I want to give him the citizen eco drive watch from, I simply cannot. =(


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It’s been a long time! I am sorry busy mother here!

Ok, This year I decided to take a plunge on the traditional Project Life. Yey! But the sad news is that I haven’t started yet and it’s February already!!! My goodness! I still have to print photos that’s why! I lack time to sit down and make my January pages. I wish there is 48 hours in a day and kids sleep much longer than what they do today. Sigh!

I NEED to make it or else I won’t be able to catch up! And I don’t want that. Wish me luck on this one!

Perfect Gift

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… for my dear nephew would be a new koss at musicians friend. He really loves music and plays a lot of songs on his ipod. He was complaining the other day about his broken headphone. So it will be on my list to buy for him this Christmas. So he can continue to listen to his favorite songs in the coming years, I will get this durable headphone that a friend also suggested to me. I hope he will like it.

Project Life 2014

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I am getting ready to dive into traditional project life in 2014. I already have the sleeves that my brother gave to me. I am planning of getting a core kit that will suit my photos. Something that will have colors that will be ok to my future photos. I hope I’ll get something this December. Will start saving up for it. And also I need an album. Adding that up to my to buy list.

Long Lost Friend

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I saw my long lost friend way back when I was still in High School the other day at the mall. He disappeared for a long time. I can’t even find him on facebook! He went abroad and didn’t have time to create an account for facebook. He hurriedly said goodbye as he will get the advair diskus 60ds at the drugstore. I waved goodbye too. Until then my dear friend! We didn’t even get a chance to catch up. Oh well there is always a next time!

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