Do you want to back up your Friendster before they are gone? Then follow these simple steps and you can save your photos and other stuff on your profile.

First log in to your Friendster account:
Install the Friendster Exporter App
Select Slower Download (includes photos)
“Wait. Patience is a virtue.”
Profile Download Status
"”A zip file containing your profile information is currently being generated.
It may take us a while to generate the zip file. We appreciate your patience. We will send you an email when it is ready for download.”
It will also give you option to export them to Multiply
You will then receive this email:
“Hurray! Your profile is ready for download!”
And then login again to Friendster and click download.

That’s it! Simple as that.

I already backed up my Friendster account last week and I am so happy to save my photos and other stuff there. I am addicted to Friendster before and it brings back good memories. Una ko syang minahal actually. hihiihi!

Ok enough of my sentiments about that social networking site. I need to canvass the nintendo ds. I am thinking of buying that for my nephew for his birthday. Yes I am such a generous aunt. haha!